A Wild Experience

The Wild Seas experience is not to be missed, and for many people, one trip is simply not enough!

The Wolves of the Sea

Killer Whales

Also referred to as orcas (Orcinus orca), are the largest members of the dolphin family. These highly social animals are very family oriented, and have demonstrated their ability to develop a complex culture, much like humans.

A Keystone Species

Killer whales are at the top of the food chain and are one of the most widespread apex predators in the North Atlantic. They are referred to as “keystone species”, which means they play a “key” role in shaping and maintaining ecosystems.

Why Study Killer Whales

If killer whales disappeared, major changes would occur, as the natural balance would be altered. Because of their importance in maintaining healthy oceans, it is essential to study them and understand the extent of their influence on the marine environment.

Whale Research & Conservation

The Cetacea Project

The Cetacea Project is a non-profit organization conducting a marine mammal monitoring program designed to survey local whale populations.

Whale Research Safaris

Participate in our research efforts by tracking whales, taking photos and recording videos, while listening for the captivating songs of the wild, all under the guidance of a qualified marine mammal scientist.

Why Collect this Information?

Data, photos, video and audio recordings help conservation groups learn more about whales and how to better protect them.

Voluntary Research Activities

Though these research activities are voluntary, the chance to learn about and do more to protect these species is one not to be missed.


Live Norway's Wild Arctic

The Arctic Wildlife

For many visitors, the arctic nature is the highlight of their trip. On our Wild Seas adventures, we shall encounter some of the most captivating wildlife in their natural land and sea habitats.

Research & Conservation

Wild Seas’ research and conservation efforts provide another dimension to your journey as you learn more about the behaviours of these incredible animals.

The Wildlife

See eagles soaring the skies, humpback whales and orcas swimming through millions of sparkling herring, and curious seal bobbing about by sea. With any luck, we may also view moose, reindeer, birds and much more.

A Taste of Norway


Norway’s cultural heritage has been depicted in countless works of art, media, and books, and continues to fascinate throughout the generations.

Discover the Culture

A Wild Seas adventure is a journey of discovery, taking you beyond seeing the sights into a culture appreciated for its tradition, history, and beauty.

Experience Norway

Our thoughtfully designed excursions allow you to experience Norwegian culture with every meal, outing, adventure, and activity.

Northern Norway

Northern Norway is multi-cultural with both Norwegians and the Sami people indigenous to the region.

Wild Seas Adventures


Wild Seas excursions take you into the natural and pristine beauty of Norway’s mountains and seas for an unforgettable experience.

Wild Seas Adventures

Our exciting adventures are active journeys that take you to the center of the experience, but they are also designed with comfort in mind. The ultimate goal remains a stylish and captivating journey that will create memories lasting a lifetime.

Fitness Level

All of our safaris can be experienced by adults of any age who are at a moderate level of fitness.

Bad Weather

If unpredictable weather emerges, we will create an alternative adventure that will be equally captivating.

Comfort & Luxury

Food & Accommodation

At Wild Seas, we understand that experiencing nature at its best doesn’t mean you want to leave comforts behind.

A Culinary Delight

After an exhilarating outdoor experience, we warm you up with hot beverages, delicious chef-prepared meals, and wine and cheese tastings so that you can relax and unwind in style.

Luxurious Accommodations

To soothe those tired muscles, our accommodations include luxuries such as hot tubs, saunas, and Jacuzzis.

The Wild Seas Difference

We want every detail of your journey to be cozy and unforgettable. That’s the Wild Seas difference.