Sleep well

Located on the picturesque waterside in downtown Tromsø, this hotel offers spectacular views of the harbour, city and Northern lights.

This is one of Tromsø’s most popular facilities and thrives on quality, comfort and good service. Visit the Restaurant & Bar, which offers views of the Tromsø Bridge and the famous Arctic Cathedral.

West of Tromsø, Sommarøy is a charming fishing village located by the open sea on the outer coast of Norway.

Sommarøy is a traditional coastal community that thrives today much as it has since it was settled, where hunting and fishing remain a way of life.

This resort is built in an old-fashioned Norwegian style and offers high quality waterfront accommodations with many luxuries, such as wooden hot tubs, wood-fired saunas, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and onsite bar and restaurant.

This holiday resort is located in a traditional fishing village from the 1800’s on the beautiful island of Senja.

Despite its historic status, all of the facilities and apartments have been renovated to high standards of quality and modern comfort. All of the rooms have beautiful harbor views, and each bedroom has its own private bathroom within the apartments.

The resort also boasts a sauna, cognac saloon, bar and restaurant, as well as an actual wooden boat transformed into a hot tub.

Sleep in a  a modern, high-rise hotel located on the waterfront, offering a gorgeous view of the Tromsø harbour, city and the Northern lights

The hotel is renown for their bright, up-scale rooms and high quality standards. Enjoy the Northern lights, Tromsø’s cultural life and beautiful Northern Norway in comfort and style!

Experience the great wilderness in comfort and style! We understand that experiencing the wilderness doesn’t mean you want to leave comforts behind.

Relax, unwind and enjoy your vacation. After an exhilarating outdoor experience, relax, unwind and warm-up in the hot tub or sauna.