Whale Research Safari

Track whales, take photos and record videos, while listening for the captivating songs of the wild.

Those who wish to relax are welcomed to sit back and enjoy the show. Our excursions end with a relaxing trip to the sauna and a well-deserved wine and cheese tasting.

Research Activities

We will learn to identify the individuals we saw on our excursion, watch underwater video footage, and re-live the incredible experience.

Conservation Efforts

The collected information help conservation groups learn more about whales and how to better protect them.

Learn more about our Research and conservation efforts here.

Swim with Whales

For the true adventure traveler, we offer the ultimate experience!

Let yourself be dazzled by an endless sea of herring as you enter the realm of the killer whales. We take you snorkeling in one of the world’s largest fishing grounds filled with many, many whales.

An experience like no other…

Being in the water close to the whales is unique experience. Their size will astound you, and their beauty is beyond words. Swimming with the whales is a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.

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Kayaking with Whales

You’ve never kayaked until you’ve kayaked with whales!

Kayaking through Caribbean-like water surrounded by majestic fjords is a great foundation for an unforgettable day. The white coral beaches and vibrant marine fauna along the way add another dimension to this experience.

Exceptional Experience

But what makes the experience so exceptional are the whales that greet us along the way. Prepare yourself to be amazed as we get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the sea on a kayak adventure.

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Northern Lights & Reindeer Sledding

There’s no better way to see Northern lights than on a reindeer sledding journey.

As the reindeer carry us through the night, enjoy the spectacular Northern lights dancing in the sky. You will listen to our qualified guides will explaining this phenomenon while warming up with a hot beverage.

Sami Culture

Let the indigenous people of Norway, the Samis, invite you into their homes. Warm up around the fire for storytelling, traditional chanting, called joik, and enjoy a home cooked traditional Sami meal.

Reindeer Herding

The Sami will share with you their story – how they learned to survive the Arctic winters, and formed close bonds with the animals that are an integral part of their daily lives, even today.

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Fjord Sightseeing

No trip to Norway is complete without a fjord sightseeing excursion.

Bring your best camera and prepare yourself for a sightseeing delight as we explore the spectacular Norwegian fjords.

Charismatic Wildlife

Listen to screeching gulls and the hypnotic sound of the surf as you focus your lens on up-close views of some of nature’s most charismatic wildlife, including seals, eagles, dolphins and, of course, whales.

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Fish your Dish

Join us on a short fishing expedition in one of the world’s richest fishing grounds.

Drop your line and fish for big arctic cod, Atlantic halibut, saithe, redfish and much more.

Monitoring Local Fish Stocks

The fish will be sampled for scientific data. Discover why this information is so important to sustainably manage our fish stocks.

Fish your Dish

Once you’ve landed the big one, ask the chefs to prepare your catch-of-day in a traditional Norwegian style.

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Northern Lights Snowshoe Safari

Hiking through the snow under spectacular Northern lights is an experience not to be missed.

Trek up the side of a mountain wearing snowshoes, stop, smell the crisp arctic air, and admire the phenomenal Northern lights dancing over Tromsø city.

Northern Lights Phenomenon

After reaching the mountain top, enjoy a light snack and hot beverage while our qualified guide will explain the Northern lights phenomenon.

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You’ve never experienced hiking until you’ve done it in Norway!

Be one with nature where the mountains meet the sea with our hiking excursions. As you climb the heights, admire deep fjords, sparkling white beaches and crystal clear turquoise water.

Comfort & Safety First

We will create a hiking trip customized to your pace, and ensure you have a safe, comfortable experience – and a hot meal waiting – when you reach your holiday base.

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Tromsø Northern Lights Dinner Cruise

Explore Tromsø on a Northern lights dinner cruise

Jump onboard and enjoy smooth seas as we embark on a fantastic evening cruise around Tromsø city. After enjoying the city, we sail into the dark arctic winter night in the hopes of chasing down the Northern lights.

Traditional Meal & Hot Drinks

Northern Norwegian traditional dinners are typically on the menu, with hot beverages to keep you warm and happy.

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Norwegian Coastal Voyage

Experience one of the world’s most beautiful water journeys

Get a taste of Norway’s breathtaking coastline on one of the world’s most beautiful sea voyages.

Spectacular Scenery

Admire the spectacular Norwegian fjords, an experience not to be missed.

Spectacular Wildlife

If we are lucky, we will have the opportunity to view more spectacular wildlife onboard this sea journey, including seals, eagles, dolphins and of course, whales.

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Quiz Night

Join our quiz night in the luxury of our cognac saloon.

After a fun-filled day, relax and join our quiz night in the luxury of our cognac saloon. Showcase your worldly wisdom with our laugh-out-loud hosted evening.

Great food, drinks and fun!

Share the fun with this night of fellowship, great food and drinks, laughter, and great prizes.

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Plan B Activities

Arctic Bathing

Swimming off the coast of northern Norway sounds like a chilling experience in any season. But not when you’re snug and warm in the comfort of a survival suit.

Float your cares away on a unique arctic bathing excursion!

Ocean Body Rafting

Experience the pure thrill of surfing with our ocean body rafting experience. Our survival suit will keep you safe and warm. Equally thrilling and relaxing, veteran surfers and new surfers alike will delight in this unique experience.

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Plan B Activities

Storm Watching

Our storms are just as beautiful as our clear blue skies. Join us for a storm watching excursion to experience the power and beauty of troubled seas.

Dog Sledding

Experience winter dog sledding across the Norwegian wilderness with a pack of friendly Huskies. They will get you close to nature at thrilling speeds!

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Plan B Activities


As the snow falls, don your snowshoes for a hike in the mountains with our trusted guide. Enjoy hot beverages and snacks along the way.

Northern Light Safaris

Chase the incredible and breathtaking phenomenon that is the Northern lights and learn how they form. A photo opportunity not to be missed!

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