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Whale Watching in Skjervøy: What To Expect

Located in the heart of Northern Troms, the island of Skjervøy boasts scenic fjords, alpine mountains and a beautiful island setting. It’s a great place to experience a whale watching adventure during the winter season. For those looking for a way to work up some excitement or indulge in some exciting adventure in winter, whale watching in Skjervøy is definitely a great idea.

Whales in beautiful Skjervøy

It’s hard to imagine that anyone will go whale watching and not be thrilled by the experience, especially for the first time. It’s not something most people see very often and it’s definitely one of the things many people, from all over the world, look forward to every winter in Norway.

Why whale watching in Skjervøy is a must-do


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Winter is the best time of the year to go whale watching in Skjervøy from late October to the end of January. Every winter near the coast of Tromsø, the gateway to the arctic, a great number of orcas and humpback whales gather to feast on rich feeding grounds.

Our unique Whale Research Safari combines one of the most incredible displays nature has to offer with a captivating research experience.  We see whales on every trip and usually in great numbers, always a memorable experience.

Although, wildlife viewing is never guaranteed, our success has been 100% since the start of the season. We have not had one day without whales since late October.

What you’ll see during Whale Watching


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Of course, you’ve heard about whales before and you’ve seen their pictures, but have you seen them in real life? Seeing the whales is by far the most anticipated moment of a whale watching in Skjervøy.

According to history, tourists who visit Skjervøy for this adventure always catch a glimpse of the killer whales (orcas), humpback whales and if we are lucky, fin whales.  We can see from 10 to over 100 orcas in a day, a few humpback whales to well over 50 animals. It all depends how lucky we are! Some days, we see a mixture of humpbacks and orcas that are well over 100 animals and other days can be slower.

However, we do have an incredible amount of whales making Skjervøy one of the best whale watching grounds in the world. Aside from the whales, you’ll also spot some wildlife species including sea eagles, which are normally found along the coast of Norway.

Whales’ behaviours


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Whales exhibit a number of behaviours; some of which are entertaining, and some of which are not. Here are some of them:

Blows: From time to time, whales blow water vapour, mucus, and air as they come up to the surface to breathe. To them, this is a voluntary action that they plan ahead of time and execute when they resurface on water. It’s kind of cool to watch!

Breaching: This is by far the most exciting whale behaviour, and the humpbacks are very notorious for this. They jump all the way out of the water, into the air in a curved path, and then dive right back in. According to studies, it is believed that whales breach because they wish to communicate in order to attract other whales (probably the female ones) or to warn off other whales.

Spy-hopping: This is yet another exciting whale behaviour that tourists love so much. To spy-hop, the whales will usually lift their head and part of their chest vertically above water level. As if to say they’re just chilling and looking around. So, while the tourists are gawking at them, they also gawk back. It’s a win-win.

Tail and fin slapping: This is also known as lobtailing. The whales, from time to time, will raise their tail flukes high above the water and then slap them back, loud and hard into the water. This is one of their ways of communicating, scaring fishes away, or showing aggression.

Curious and friendly: Whales are generally friendly and curious. They are not typically dangerous, and they can be seen at local aquariums and marine parks performing shows. You may want to adhere to whatever instructions given to you with regard to whale watching, but there is no need for you to be scared of them.

Whale watching in Skjervøy is awesome, fun and exciting! If you’re looking to go whale watching for killer whales (orcas) or humpbacks, our whale research safari and Lyngen Alps bus tour is your best choice. Hurry and Book now!

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Things You Need To Know About Northern Lights in Norway

  • December 09, 2018
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The Northern Lights, one of the world’s most phenomenal occurrences, is something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. These Lights (also known as the Aurora) are simply out of this world to say the least. It’s probably the closest you’ll come to the feeling of visiting the moon or Mars. It’s that spectacular!

Northern Lights in Norway

Tromsø in Norway is one of the few places on earth where you can view the Northern Lights. It is the largest city in Northern Norway with a wide range of amazing attractions including snowshoeing, dog sledding and reindeer sledding, whale watching, and snowmobiling,  and, of course, the best view of the Northern Lights.

Why is the arctic city of Tromsø the best place to see the Northern Lights? It’s situated right in the middle of the auroral oval. According to history, the auroral oval is the area with the highest probability of seeing the Northern Lights in all its glory.

Places to see Northern Lights in Norway, apart from Tromsø

Tromsø may be one of the best places to see the Northern Lights according to many people, but it’s not the only place. You can see the Northern lights from the following places in Norway:

  • Svalbard
  • North Cape
  • Varanger
  • Alta
  • Lyngenfjord region
  • Vesterålen
  • Narvik
  • Lofoten Islands
  • Bodø
  • Helgeland

Scientific facts about the Northern Lights that’ll interest you

The Aurora may look magical and mysterious, but there’s a scientific explanation to back this mesmerising atmospheric condition. The gaseous particles in the location of these occurrences collide with charged particles released from the sun to form Auroras of different colours and intensities.

Its appearance and intensity are controlled by the sun’s activity and its location depends on the earth’s magnetic field.

Not only do the Northern Lights have different colours and intensities, they also have different shapes, forms, and durations. The colours spans from purple to green due to the composition of the atmosphere.

Unusual Myths about the Northern Lights

Before scientists came up with an explanation for the Northern Lights, its existence has been subjected to complete myths and superstitions. Regardless of the scientific findings and the effects of civilisation, these myths and superstitions still stand true for some people.

Here are some strange myths about the Northern Lights:

  1. The Japanese and Chinese believe that babies conceived under the Northern Lights will be beautiful, lucky, intellectual, blessed with good fortunes and good looks.
  2. The Old Icelandic folklore has it that the Northern Lights ease the pains of childbirth if a pregnant woman doesn’t look at it. They also believe that pregnant women who look at the Aurora will give birth to crossed eye children.
  3. The Vikings see the Northern Lights as reflections from the shields of maidens who accompanies fallen warriors to Valhalla, known as the Valkyries
  4. A red Aurora was believed to be a sign of war and bloodshed to come.
  5. Do not whistle, sing, or wave at the Northern Lights or the spirits of the light will be alerted and they’ll swoop down and take you away. If you clap your hands, you’ll be safe. The North American Indians whistled at the spirits as an invitation any time they want to send a message to the dead through the spirits.
  6. According to the Northern Swedes, the Northern Lights were created by huge shoals of herring in the northern seas. They also believed that when there is a light show, it means bountiful catches in the offings.

The Best Time to See the Northern Lights

Northern Lights in NorwayYou may have to go for a bit of “aurora hunting” if you want to catch a good view of the Northern Lights. You see, this breathtaking scenery is a natural phenomenon, which means there is no guarantee as to where or when you’ll see it.

Regardless, history shows that it has appeared within a particular area and at a particular time range (late August to mid-April). Science, on the other hand, explains that the Northern Lights occur all year round, but the light summer periods render them invisible.

  • January to March:

These are the most popular time of the year to go see the Northern Lights. During this period, the weather is darker, clearer, and there is a lot of snow to play around in while waiting for the lights to appear at night. You’re going to want to cover up yourself real good because it’s mostly freezing out there by this time of the year.

  • April to August:

This is a not a good period for anyone that want to see the Northern Lights, except if you have some sophisticated scientific equipment to view it with.

  • September to October:

Who says it has to be cold to see the Northern Lights? The months of September and October are especially recommended for anyone that wants to avoid the extreme cold of the northern winter. In addition to that, you can see two auroras for the price of one and the visible Northern Lights combine with the lake views to create a magical view effect. September and October are about the only months when you can get such a spectacular view.

  • November and December:

Winter begins to set in at this time, snow starts to fall, and the landscape starts to change rapidly; a beautiful sight to behold. The snow brings with it a bit of cloud, but the longer nights bring darker skies which increases the duration of the lights.

What to wear while Aurora Hunting in Tromsø

Whatever you do, don’t forget to build up layers of clothes that will trap air! Trapped air keeps you warm and allows your body to breath. That’s the key thing to keep in mind about what to wear to Tromsø to see the Northern Lights.

The minimum recommended clothes you can take with you include:

  • A super warm hat
  • Warm thick gloves
  • Base layer
  • A mid layer
  • An outer layer
  • Snow boots
  • Thermal underlayer
  • Thick wool jumper

The three most important clothing pieces are the base layers, good boots, and good gloves. If you get these three right, you’re probably going to be fine.

While you’re waiting for the Northern Lights to appear

Whales in beautiful Skjervøy

You know you’re not going to see the lights during the day, right? You’re not going to sit and bore yourself to death till the lights appear. Tromsø is a beautiful place with many other interesting attractions that can keep you busy all day while you wait for the magical nights.

  • Polaria

Right outside the Tromsø city centre sits the world’s most northerly aquarium known as Polaria. It’s going to be hard to miss this tourist attraction. This is a unique museum slash aquarium with varieties of exhibitions including a film about the aurora Northern Lights, and an extensive installation showing the irreversible effects of climate change on the glaciers and arctic wildlife. Polaria houses a wide range of species including bearded seals and several arctic fishes.

  • Polar Museum

Tromsø is such an ideal place for polar exhibitions as a result of its location inside the Arctic Circle. No wonder it was named “Gateway to the Arctic”.  The Polar Museum, also known as Polarmuseet, is another place where you can learn about Tromsø’s long history starting from the time of its discovery till date. Do you know that Tromsø has a whaling industry? The Polar Museum exhibits historical information about some of the earliest expeditions and explorers. There are also exhibits that present the findings of continuing extensive research in this area.

  • Fun Activities

Catching some outdoor fun is one of the most popular things people do in Tromsø while they wait for the lights. They include:

Honestly, these outdoor fun activities are more than enough to keep you busy all throughout your stay in Tromsø.

See Also: 12 Coolest Winter Activities in Tromsø

  • Tromsø Museum

This museum is specially dedicated to the Northern Lights. It’s an educational centre where visitors learn the science behind the phenomenon. You can learn the history of aurora borealis research, and enjoy an in-depth explanation of the lights. The museum has two ecclesiastical galleries featuring artworks from the medieval era.

  • Hella, Kvaloy

Get this, the Tromsø that you see today is the “new Tromsø”. If you want to see the old Tromsø, then you’ll have to take a trip to the small village of Hella on the island of Kvalloy. The peculiar thing about this place is that it is an “open-air museum” with small houses and prehistoric rock carvings dating as far back as 7000 BC. All of these are open to the public for viewing at all times of the year.

Norway is one of the great places in the world to see colorful lights in the night sky. Join us on our Northern Lights tour in Tromso.


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12 Coolest Winter Activities in Tromsø

The winter season is a great time to visit the arctic city of Tromsø. Although the city is colder during this period, there are many winter activities to enjoy. In fact, you’ll have some of the most exciting experiences in winter. The northern lights shimmer over Tromsø and the whole city is filled with ice, with a variety of outdoor adventures to heat up with.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest winter activities in enjoy in Tromsø:

Aurora Glamping

Winter Activities in Tromso

Spend a memorable night glamping in a spectacular arctic setting! The spectacular fjords, the dramatic landscapes and the bright starry sky of Tromso are the perfect backdrop of nature for the dancing Aurora. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience Aurora glamping as you camp under the northern lights in lavish teepees on a cozy, full-size bed.

Whale Watching

Winter Activities in Tromso

The most prolific time for whale watching in Tromso is during the winter months. Embark on a journey through the beautiful fjords, scour the sea for humpback and orcas whales, and take photos while observing their behaviours. You can also fund whale conservation projects by choosing Wild Seas. With our whale watching adventure, you’ll definitely have an absolute whale of a time!

Sleep in a real ice hotel

Ice Hotel Winter Activities in Tromso Photo Source: Visit Tromso

There are just many things about winter in Tromsø that will make you want to come back every season. The winter season means there will be plenty of snow as well as ice. The people of Tromsø have obviously found an amazing use of the surplus ice supply they get from nature every winter season. The construction of the pop-up ice hotel takes about six weeks, and you can stay here during your holiday in Tromsø. Don’t worry the beds are usually covered with warm reindeer hide. The ice hotel opens just before Christmas and stays that way until it begins to melt.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Winter activities in Tromso

The first time you set your eye on the northern lights (also known as the polar lights), you’re going to think to yourself – “this is the most astonishing lights displays I’ve ever seen”. You’ll love it so much that you’re going to want to chase it around as far as you can. Tromsø is considered one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway. The Arctic city is located in the middle of the Aurora Oval, where there is a high probability of seeing the lights. The northern lights of Tromsø are so beautiful that it’s hard to let go. Feel free to dance around with the lights as it shifts and falls in different shades of green and purple.

Visit the Polaria Aquarium

Winter activities in Tromso

There are so many things to learn about in Tromsø. The northern lights, the Samis, and the Polaria Aquarium. In this place, you’ll get to see the bearded seals and a wide range of fish species, watch film about the arctic wilderness in the panoramic cinema, and interact with researchers. The Polaria boasts a wide range of amazing knowledge-based exhibits that will fascinate you.

Dog sledding

winter activities in Tromso

One way to be mesmerized by the lush beauty of the Tromsø fairy-tale wilderness is to go dog sledding! If you do not like dogs, you’re going to have a change of heart after having an up close and personal experience with these Alaskan huskies. They are so friendly, that you can easily familiarize with them in a few minutes. Imagine speeding through the Norwegian wilderness, sitting on a sled that’s being pulled by some of most adorable and powerful creatures in Norway.

Ice fishing

The lake in Tromso freezes over during winter. However, the freezing does not go so deep to stop the activities of the aquatic creatures in the water. You can sit on a frozen lake, make a fishing hole right next to you, and try to catch a fish.

Cross-country skiing

Winters in Activities

Cross-country skiing is a good blood-pumping heart-warming workout for your winter experience in Tromsø. A few falls in the snow? Yes. But that adds to the fun of this seemingly most Norwegian of all winter activity.


Winter Activities in Tromso

Leave your footprint on Norway’s winter wonderland! If you are looking for the perfect place to step into winter adventure, you should head to Tromsø. Snowshoeing is an amazing way to get out and enjoy the winter season in Tromsø, while experiencing all its natural beauty. If you’ll like to mix things up, you can go snowshoeing on days you don’t want to go sledding. Walk through the snow at your own pace, wearing snowshoes designed to make it really easy to walk through the snow.

Reindeer sledding

Winter activities in Tromso Photo Source: VisitTromso

The Sami people of Tromsø, the aboriginal people of Norway have something to bring to the table to make sure your winter experience is as unique as ever. Reindeers are owned by the Samis, and you can have them for a while to go for a reindeer sleigh ride. Just like Santa Clause! You can go reindeer sledding under the Northern lights during the day or at night, and learn about the culture of the Sami people.


Winter Activities in Tromso Photo Source: VisitTromso

This is one thing all snow locations have in common. Snowmobiling is a modern way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Tromso. It also offers you the opportunity to venture farther into places you can’t get to by sledding or snowshoeing.

Ride the cable car and get a perfect view from Mount Storsteinen

Winter Activities in tromsoRiding a cable car may not be particularly intriguing, but a wonderful view of the city from mount Storsteinen will make you love every moment of it. You will get the best view of the city and you can even view get a close view of the far surrounding of Tromso.

Looking for things to do in Tromso in Winter? We’ve got a wide range of winter activities you can enjoy during your holiday in the city.

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50 Instagram Photos that Will Make You Fall in Love With Lofoten Islands


The Lofoten Archipelago is well-known for its many small fishing villages, deep fjords, magnificent mountains, stunning wildlife and beautiful beaches. We’ve scoured the #LofotenIslands and other related hashtags on Instagram for amazing photos that showcase the beauty of the islands.

Whether you’re enjoying one of our Wild Seas Adventures around Lofoten Islands, experiencing the nature attractions such as the midnight sun and the northern lights or exploring the spectacular landscapes of the archipelago, you’ll definitely discover that you are surrounded by awe-inspiring sights and some of the most beautiful sceneries in Norway.

Here are 50 Instagram photos that show off the beauty of Lofoten Islands, and you’ll definitely fall in love with them:

1/ Hamnøy, Nordland

The beautiful small fishing village of Hamnøy is definitely one of the most scenic places in the Lofoten Islands. It is located in the municipality of Moskenes in Nordland county.

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2/ Kvalvika Beach

Located on the west coast of Moskenesøy in Lofoten, and surrounded by towering mountains, Kvalvika Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Norway. Mt Ryten is located to the right of the beach and you can hike up the mountain to enjoy a stunning view of the beach below.

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3/ Værøy

The small island of Værøy is part of the Lofoten archipelago, featuring a flat farmland below the mountains and a mountainous ridge running through the centre, rising 450m above the sea. It is located about 20km from Røst and 15km from Moskenes.

4/ Skrova Island, Lofoten’s Little Hawaii

Skrova Island is a picturesque fishing village in Lofoten with about 200 inhabitants, located south of the capital of Svolvær. It’s a small community with beautiful beaches, nature trails, a restaurant and gallery, and features a wide range of fun activities.

5/ Ballstad

Ballstad is a beautiful fishing village located on a small island off the southwestern tip of the island of Vestvågøya in Lofoten. It’s one of the largest fishing villages on the archipelago.

6/ Kayak Adventure in Skrova

Skrova Island is the perfect place to take your water exploration to a new level with kayak adventure in Lofoten.

7/ Reine

Reine is a popular destination in Lofoten Island and it’s renowned for its beautiful scenery of  majestic mountain peaks and the Arctic Ocean. The breathtaking fishing village is located on the island of Moskenesøya on the archipelago.

8/ Henningsvaer Stadium Soccer Field

This soccer field is one of the unique places you will see in the picturesque fishing village of Henningsvær and it is surrounded by the sea, fish drying racks, steep mountains and fishermen cabins. The football pitch was designed for amateur players.

9/ Skrova Lighthouse

The Skrova Lighthouse is considered an international cultural beacon, a coastal lighthouse located on the southwest of the island. Every 45 seconds, the light on top gives two white flashes. The light on top gives two white flashes every 45 seconds.

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10/ Sunset at Uttakleiv beach in Vestvågøy

Uttakleiv is one of the most beautiful beaches and the most photographed beach in Lofoten. It features a stunning rocky shoreline on the left side providing amazing photographic possibilities. In summer, it’s a popular destination for camping under the midnight sun.

11/ Beach Glamping in Skrova Island

Beach glamping in Skrova Island offers authentic Norwegian comfort and style as you sleep in style on a on a cozy, full-sized bed in lavish Lavvu tepees along a beautiful white sandy beach. Enjoy an evening under the midnight sun with spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes.

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12/ Hamnøy by night

This view is worth waking up in the middle of the night for! Enjoy incredible views of the Northern Lights, nature’s ultimate light show hovering above the small fishing village, the spectacular mountain ranges and landforms surrounding it.

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13/ Å

Located towards the southern end of the Lofoten archipelago, Å is a fishing village on the island of Moskenesøy in the borough of Moskenes, and is the terminal point of the E10 road. The village has been owned by the Ellingsen family since 1842. It features several attractions including the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum and Lofoten Stockfish Museum. You can stop by for a day or two during your tour around the Lofoten Islands.

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14/ Sunset at Unstad beach

Unstad Beach is well-known as the surfers paradise in Lofoten Islands; but it’s also an amazing place to end an intense day during your holiday. You can watch the sun as it sets into the sea straight out from the beach!

15/ Hiking in Lofoten

Lofoten has a wide selection of hiking trails and options for everyone. Hiking in Lofoten is one of the best ways to discover the uniqueness of the Norwegian wilderness, magnificent mountain ranges with panoramic views, amazing wildlife and experience the sound of nature.

16/ Lofoten Fjord Cruise with Wild Seas

Discover Lofoten’s magnificent scenery and abundant wildlife on a fjord cruise with Wild Seas! This is one of the best ways to experience the unique natural wonders of the islands. This could also be your chance for a photo of a lifetime.

17/ Skrova Photo exhibition tunnel

A beautiful outdoor photo exhibit in Skrova! The island is one of the unique places that exhibit photographs in a tunnel, which features historical photos of the islands.

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18/ Lofoten Trollfjord

The Lofoten Trollfjord is really spectacular, it’s 2km long and has a narrow entrance with steep mountain between 600m and 1100m high. In addition to its beautiful scenery, you will have an opportunity to see amazing wildlife especially sea eagles hovering over the mountain peaks.

19/ Hattvika Lodge

Hattvika Lodge is one of the best places to stay in Lofoten Islands. Located on the shores of Ballstad, the beautiful lodge features a wide range of modern amenities including hot tub and sauna. The lodge’s location is perfect for skiing, fishing and snokelling.

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20/ Outdoor Night Camping

Imagine spending the night in a cozy outdoor bed with an amazing skyline. Lofoten has great outdoors perfect for night camping with your friends and family. It’s an epic experience you wouldn’t want to miss when on any of the islands!

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21/ Valberg Church

The beautiful Valberg Church located in the village of Valberg in the municipality of Vestvågøy in the Lofoten archipelago.

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22/ Sakrisøy

Sakrisøy may look like a mythical place but it’s a beautiful fishing village situated 3 km from Reine, in the borough of Moskenes in Lofoten Islands. During Winter season, Sakrisøy is such a pretty little place to be! You can indulge in genuine fishing activities while here.

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23/ Seagulls in Skjelfjord, Nordland

Seagulls are wonderful creatures. You don’t see seagulls everywhere and when you do, you’ll be amazed. Skjelfjord is a great place to begin an unforgettable wildlife experience in Nordland. You’ll see a flock of “seagulls” dipping, flapping and wheeling over the water. It’s such an incredible experience you shouldn’t miss!

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24/ Smørdalskammen Mountain

Smørdalskammen offers awe-inspiring views of the sea and the surrounding landscapes. A mountain bike trail in the Smørdalskammen Mountain is an experience you will not forget in a hurry. Just like these sheep, you’ll see the best view from the top of the mountain.

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25/ Ryten, Flakstad

Ryten looks like one of those make-believe massive cliffs that rise directly from the sea. Hike to Ryten, above the beach at Kvalvika in Flakstad and discover the best of nature with a view of the sea and spectacular landscapes.

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26/ Magical Views of Reinebringen

At 448m high, Reinebringen mountain is far from one of the highest peaks on the island of Moskenesøya. It’s one of the most popular hikes on the island and it’s on top of every hiker’s bucket list. Enjoy a summer filled with mountain climbing and discover a magical view over Lofoten.

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27/ Hamnøy in Summer

Summer in the small fishing village of Hamnøy is a dream come true! The quaint village features a scenic setting with picturesque red fishing cabins (rorbuer), a beautiful harbour and dramatic landscapes.

28/ Djevelporten, Vågan

The fabulous view of Lofoten is undeniably enchanting from Djevelporten. From the top of Fløya, see everything beautiful in Vågan and its environs.

30/ Henningsvær Under The Midnight Sun

Under the flaming skies of the fishing village of Henningsvær, experience truly magical moments as you camp under the Midnight Sun in Norway.

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31/ Nusfjord, Flakstad

The authentic fishing village of Nusfjord in northern Norway is hemmed in by towering rugged cliffs, featuring ox-blood-red wooden buildings, dramatic landscapes and a beautiful natural harbour. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Lofoten.

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32/ Lofoten Harbour, Leknes

The picturesque harbour of Leknes is one of the most visited harbours for luxury cruise ships in Norway. The natural surroundings are stunning with white sandy beaches, dramatic mountains, and green fields. There is much to do and see in Leknes if you are coming the first time.

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33/ Oljetanken i Skrova

Imagine visiting Skrova and staying in an oil tank that has been transformed into a beautiful home! Such an amazing experience! The oil-tank-turned-home has three floors, featuring luxurious furnishings and a wide range of modern amenities. The tank is nestled on a hill overlooking some of the most fantastic views of Lofoten.

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34/ Vikten

The beautiful village of Vikten is located between steep mountains in the middle of Lofoten. The village overlooks the Norwegian Sea featuring beautiful buildings including the quaint hamlet with Lofoten Design – Glassblower’s Cabin and Åse Tangrand’s ceramics workshop. The village is well-worth a visit!

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35/ Surfing in Lofoten

One of the most popular beaches, Unstad beach in Vestvågøy is a popular surf destination with world-class waves on Lofoten Islands. Here, you’ll find a northern surf school, Unstad Arctic Surf, where you can learn from professional instructors on how to ride the waves in no time.

36/ Mortsund, Lofoten

Mortsund is a perfect fishing village located right in the heart of Lofoten, facing south on Vestvågøya. The village features rugged rocky seacoasts, magnificent landscapes and red rorbu fishing huts beautifully set amongst nature.

37/ Kayaking in Skrova

Spend a better part of your day paddling through breathtaking views the scenic island of Skrova, Lofoten’s little Hawaii. A Kayak excursion is a coveted activity that you may not want to miss in this beautiful island.

38/ Svolvær, Vågan

Located at the heart of Lofoten, the port town of Svolvær has a scenic setting with a backdrop of steep mountains, beautiful beaches, sheltered bays and a range of modern buildings. The town is a fishing hub with a wide range of exciting activities and events. It’s the best place to start your Lofoten trip.

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39/ Fairytale Island of Sakrisøy

With an enchanting scenery, Sakrisøy conjures dreams of paradise. There are jagged mountain peaks with the sea below to mesmerize you, waterfront fishermen’s cottages to stay, and a traditional fishery culture to experience.

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40/ Nusfjord Rorbuer

Nusfjord is one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages in Norway. With its time-honoured fishery traditions, it’s a perfect destination for a holiday on Lofoten Islands if you love fishing. You can stay in one of the traditional fishing huts (rorbuer) with spacious living areas and modern comfort.

41/ Moonight in Reine

Located on the island of Moskenesøya, Reine is a favourite destination on the Lofoten Islands. Moonlight in Reine is a beautiful sight to behold.

42/ Northern Lights in Lofoten

Northern Lights in Lofoten is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Discover the ethereal beauty of the aurora, and watch the flickering lights of the north reflect in the waters. Once you see them, you’ll be amazed at how this extraordinary phenomenon takes place.

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43/ Henningsvær

The rich fishing culture of Henningsvær will attract you while its quietness and beauty bring you closer to nature. Henningsvær is a small village in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway.

44/ Stamsund

With an amazing scenery, Stamsund is a vibrant fishing village located on the southern side of Vestvågøy on Lofoten. The village is the largest place for trawl fishing in Lofoten. You can explore the charming surroundings with a boat cruise, or go hiking on the surrounding mountains.

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45/ Skrova Sunrise

One of Skrova’s most memorable experiences is seeing the sunrise from an amazing viewpoint in Lofoten. You can see the incredible views of the morning sun in its splendour and watch as the morning light spreads dramatically across the spectacular landscape and the sea.

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46/ Yoga on the Beach

There is nothing as relaxing as practicing yoga on the beach while you hear the waves crashing on the shores and feel the sun warming your body. The pristine beach of Skrova Island is a perfect place for yoga while listening to the ocean.

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47/ Winter Hiking in Kabelvåg

Located a little to the south-west of Svolvær, Kabelvåg is a favourite summer and winter hiking area in Lofoten. The fishing village has amazing hiking opportunities such as Glåmtinden, Tjeldbergtinden and Småtindan. They have good trails that will take you to peaks with incredibly beautiful views of Lofoten.

48/ Midnight Sun in Uttakleiv

Utakleiv is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Lofoten islands. During summer months, the beach becomes an amazing viewing platform to witness the most significant show of nature on earth – the Midnight Sun.

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49/ Haukland Beach

If you’re spending time in Lofoten in summer, Haukland beach is the perfect spot to escape to when you need to relax and enjoy beautiful views. Even in winter, the beach is one of the best places to see the beautiful sunsets on Lofoten Islands.

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50/ Røst Islands

If you are looking for a remote island getaway, Røst offers a truly unforgettable holiday on Lofoten. It’s an ideal choice for those who prefer seclusion and nature for their holiday. Røst is renowned for its puffins colonies, and home to about 500 people.


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Lofoten is one of the most famous and photographed destinations in Norway. The hashtag “Lofoten” and all related hastags on Instagram counts more than two million results. However, the archipelago features a wide range of islands, so if you are planning a trip to Lofoten, ensure you visit some of these amazing photography spots and indulge in a wide range of summer and winter activities.

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The Best Time to Visit Lofoten Islands
Adventurous Things to Do in Lofoten Islands
Top Reasons to Visit Lofoten Islands Now

28 Jun

Tromsø: What to See and Do in Summer

Summer is an amazing time of year to visit Tromsø, also referred to as the “Paris of the North”. With beautiful fjords, magnificent landscapes, fun activities and friendly locals, the Arctic city offers something for everyone. The most beautiful part of the summer season in this city is that the sun never sets.

Our Tromsø summer guide lists some of our favourite exciting activities for both visitors and locals.

Tromsø Weather in the Summer

During summer in Tromsø, June, July, and August are the warmest months. However, the weather still gets chilly even though it’s summertime. Thus, ensure you pack warm and windproof clothes along with your casual, just in case the weather gets unfriendly. During your holiday in Tromsø, it’s important to always check the weather forecast before going out for your adventures.

Summer Attractions & Activities

For a slice of adventure, you just can’t beat a summer holiday in Tromsø. With a variety of summer attractions and activities, you will always want to come back. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite summer activities you can enjoy during your holiday:

Visit the Seal Hunting Vessel Museum

This seal hunting vessel museum is a historical place to make some arctic discoveries. Built in 1949, the boat is the best-preserved vessel used in seal hunting. It still has its original sailing rig, tools, and equipment as well as small hunting boats in place. 1981 was its last year of sailing, after 33 hunting seasons with more than 97000 seals brought home. The boat was put in a protective glass and has become a historical vessel for arctic discoveries. Explore the vessel and discover the history behind it!

Play Golf under the Midnight Sun at Tromsø Golf Club

Situated in a beautiful surrounding, Tromsø Golf club is the northernmost 18-hole golf course in the world. In summer, you can enjoy playing golf under the midnight sun with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Experience the Midnight Sun

Imagine spending your summer nights like its daytime because the sun never sets. Experience the Arctic Midnight sun – a beautiful phenomenon that will take your breath away. It’s magical. The sky never gets dark; it’s bright with a mix of yellow, red, orange and pink colours. You can indulge in a wide range of activities under the Midnight sun. You can hike the mountains, or even go play golf at the Tromsø Golf Club with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Another amazing thing to do under the Midnight sun is to indulge in a traditional Norwegian dinner onboard an elegant tall ship while soaking in the beautiful fire-lit skies that symbolize the never-ending arctic day. You can also take a cable car or climb Mountain Floya to see the midnight sun.


If you like the outdoors, you will enjoy a scenic hiking trip in Tromsø. It’s one of the best ways to discover the Norwegian wilderness and what makes it unique. From the incredible wildlife to the mountain vistas, the nature sounds and the genuine sense of peace, you will be transported into a whole new level of experience. Even though you can enjoy hiking on your own, a guided hiking with a group can add more to your experience. The expert guides know the best trails to take and the most picturesque spots to explore. You will also learn interesting insights about wildlife and the history of the areas.


kayaking things to do in Lofoten

There are several places to go kayaking within and outside Tromsø. For an unforgettable sea kayak adventure, head out to the island of Håkøya located along the coastline of Tromsø area. Discover the beautiful Arctic scenery as you enjoy a guided kayak trip while getting up close and personal with the marine wildlife. You can enjoy a guided kayaking trip as you paddle through the beautiful fjords under the Midnight sun.


Sail the scenic waters of the enchanting Tromsø in the summer. Glide along the coastline by boat and smell the ocean breeze. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Norwegian cruise experience as you explore the Norwegian fjords and get a perfectly up-close view of the beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife.

Visit Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden

The Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden is a magnificent expanse located above the Arctic Circle and it’s absolutely breathtaking in summer. It is regarded as the World’s northernmost botanical garden and it features a wide range of sporadic plants from the Polar Regions as well as attractive and colourful flowers such as the Wilander Buttercup – yellow blossom flower. You can explore the garden during your summer holiday in Tromsø and learn more about the beauties blooming every week.

Relax and Unwind on Bukta Beach

Bukta Beach is full of surprises in summer. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind while enjoying the beautiful view over the sea, the surrounding landscapes, and islands. The sun shines all through the day in Bukta in the summertime. You can enjoy a picnic with friends; have a BBQ and some drinks as you watch the Midnight Sun. A renowned summer festival takes place in Bukta during summer. The beautiful beach and outdoor area is the venue for a rock festival featuring the best Norwegian bands as well as some international Musician. The festival takes place in mid-July and runs for 3 days – from Thursday to Saturday.

Other summer activities include boat trips, fishing, shopping, and visiting the museums in Tromso such as Tromsø Museum, Northern Norway Art Museum, and Perspektivet Photo Museum.

Where to Stay in Tromsø

There are several accommodation options that will suit your budget and preferences. There is something for everyone, but you just need to know where to stay. You’ll find a variety of luxury hotels with stunning views, several budget B&B, boutique hotels and serviced apartments. Here are some of our favourite hotels in Tromsø:

Clarion Hotel the Edge

The Edge is strategically located at the harbour, and it features luxury rooms, a rooftop terrace, a sky bar, a lounge and a restaurant. The rooms are stylishly designed with contemporary furnishings and well-appointed with modern amenities including a large flat-screen TV, Free WiFi, and well-equipped bathrooms.

Scandic Ishavshotel

Scandic Ishavshotel is an award-winning hotel located right by the quayside in Tromsø. With the beautiful views of the Tromsø harbour and the city, the hotel offers a wide range of rooms, restaurants and amazing amenities to make your summer holiday comfortable and memorable.

Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø

Situated in downtown Tromsø, Comfort Hotel Xpress is strategically located within a walking distance to major attractions in the city. The hotel offers a variety of stylish rooms that will fit your needs and preferences. It’s a perfect place to stay if you are looking for a budget, yet modern accommodation during your holiday.

Smarthotel Tromsø

Smarthotel Tromsø is a full-service bed and breakfast hotel located in the heart of the city. It features a variety of smart and functional rooms at affordable prices. The hotel is also located within a short distance walk to most of the top attractions in the Tromsø.

Where to Eat In Tromsø

Tromsø is filled with a wide range of dining options and some of our favourites include Biffhuset, Bardus Bistro, Arctandria Restaurant, Smak Restaurant, Mathallen, and Aunegarden.

What’s on in Tromsø During Summertime?

Tromsø is alive with several events in summer; the city is packed with a variety of cultural events and festivals. Some of our favourite events include Bukta Open Air Rock Music Festival (July), Rakettnatt (August), Midnight Sun Marathon (June) and Tromsø Jazzfestival (August).

How to Get Around

Most of the major attractions in Tromsø are located near each other and you can easily walk between them. For public transport, you can take a bus to any area in the city. There are several city buses that run daily, from morning till midnight. You can purchase a bus ticket upfront or onboard the bus. If you would like to explore other areas outside the city centre, you can hire or rent a car. You’ll find several car rental companies at the airport when you arrive or you can book online prior your arrival and pick it up at the airport.

Looking for things to do in Tromso? We’ve got a wide range of summer and winter activities you can enjoy during your holiday in the city.

19 Jun

The Best Time to Visit Lofoten Islands


Swathed across the mighty waters of Norwegian Sea, the Lofoten Archipelago has recently emerged as a major tourist attraction in Norway. Comprising of several islands on Norway’s northwest coast, the archipelago is renowned for its picturesque beauty, magnificent mountains, abundant wildlife, pristine beaches and fjords, the northern lights and the midnight sun.

The islands are perfect for adventurers who are interested in a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities including surfing, hiking, kayaking, and Northern Lights chasing. Thus, if you are looking for some remarkable nature experiences, Lofoten is the best place to visit.

Best Time to Visit Lofoten Islands

The best time to visit Lofoten Islands

Ever wondered when is the best time to visit Lofoten? Well, the islands have something for everyone all through the year. However, there are definitely great times to visit based on several reasons, which are beyond whether the weather is bad or good. When deciding when to visit, you need to understand why you are visiting, and the things to do and see while there. Are you looking to go hiking or kayaking? Do you want to do beach glamping? Are you interested in seeing the northern lights or the Midnight Sun? Do you want to experience winter in the arctic or capture the snow-capped mountains? These are some of the factors that can influence your plan to visit Lofoten Islands.


Generally, spring occurs during the months of March, April, and May in Norway. During this period, the weather is warm across the country. You’ll see blossoming flowers and natural waterfalls everywhere as the snow melts away. However, you may not really experience spring in Lofoten until late May or early June. Sometimes, you may not experience it at all because, during these months, the sunny summer days have started.


Summer is a great time to visit Lofoten – from the month of June to August. During this period, the nights are short and the days are long. The weather is usually good and steady, and the temperatures are pleasant but somewhat lower than the rest of Norway. If you are interested in seeing the Midnight Sun, you can visit from the middle of May to July. In summer, you can indulge in a wide range of adventurous activities such as hiking, kayaking, biking, and fishing. You can visit the beach and watch the midnight sun brighten up your world. Just keep in mind that you won’t be sleeping much during this period due to the endless days.

Many tourists flock to the islands in summer, you will see the beaches overflown with people trying to relax and unwind. Hotels and other types of accommodation options are filled up during this period. In fact, if you are visiting in summer, you should book in advance or else you may not find a suitable place to stay at the last minute.


Generally, in Norway, you will experience long nights and short days during the winter months (from November to March). November and December are often the dark months of the year as the weather is not predictable or consistent. One moment it’s snowing and another moment it is raining. However, this is the best time to experience the polar night – the sun doesn’t rise at all. As the New Year begins, the winter conditions become reliable, although you may still experience some temperature variations in the first half of the month. But, if you really want to experience the winter season, you should visit in January.


Autumn brings a wide range of unique and colourful moments to Lofoten Islands. You’ll discover beautiful scenery at every corner of the islands. The season begins in September and ends in early November. During this period, the days are shorter, the leaves on the trees turn red and yellow and start falling off, and the air is fresher. Mother Nature puts on a show as the mountain areas are ablaze with autumn colours. Adventurers can enjoy hiking during this season.

Best Time for Adventurous Activities

hiking the best time to visit Lofoten Islands

For first-ever trips to Lofoten Islands, plan it between the months of June and September. In these months, you will see the islands at its liveliest. As the weather keeps on changing too quickly, hikers are recommended to not go hiking in the winters. If tourists are planning solely towards hiking in Lofoten Islands, then it is suggested to go hiking after June. Most of the places in Northern Norway reveal blossoming and lush landscapes by the end of April but Lofoten is different. In short, the months after June are best suited for a visit to Lofoten Islands.

Months of July and August are suited best for tourism because of the great weather, endlessly long days with a great chance at kayaking, fishing, biking, and hiking. You can go chasing the Northern Lights in winter, orca whale spotting during the spring months, and enjoy biking in summer and autumn. While you are in Lofoten, you will keep losing track of time.

Keep a Check on Weather before Planning a Trip

If you are visiting in summer, you should keep in mind that the islands are swarmed with tourists. This is the high season and you may find it difficult to get an accommodation if you don’t book in advance. If you plan to indulge in outdoor activities, the summer months are perfect. All in all, summers are still the better time to explore Lofoten Islands. To predict the climate in Northern Norway is absolutely impossible and there are times when bad weather is a trend here.

In the Lofoten Islands, chances of bad weather are quite high in the month of November and it is advised not to visit the islands then. Experience the wilderness of the Islands and a majestic combination of sea and snow-covered mountains.

11 May

Adventurous Things to Do in Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are one of the most scenic destinations in Norway lying 100 miles towards the north of the Arctic Circle. This picturesque wilderness offers a congregation of lofty mountains, pristine beaches, fjords and seabird colonies.

Due to its diverse landscape, it is an ideal destination for hiking, kayaking and wildlife safari. The islands experience a comparatively milder climate compared to its counterparts at the same latitude due to the warm currents from Gulf Stream.

Apart from being encapsulated from the awe-inspiring beauty of this region, there are a plethora of adventurous things to do in Lofoten Islands. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Beach Glamping

Beach glamping in Lofoten - things to do in Lofoten

Glamping on the beautiful beaches of Lofoten is an unforgettable experience. You’ll be hooked as you experience the outdoors in comfort and style. Spend an amazing time on a private beach area near Svolvaer, a slice of paradise where you’ll find the beautiful Lavvu tepees that will blow your mind. Apart from enjoying the luxury beach camping adventure under the midnight sun, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the island and the stunning fjords. You can also indulge in a wide range of spectacular activities such as island cruise, wildlife safari, kayaking, and hiking.

Island Cruise

Take a journey through the ultimate scenic route (the yellow line on the map) and discover the dramatic natural beauty of the Northern Norway. Capture the spirit and soul of your surrounding; lose yourself in the scenic fjords and let the spectacular landscapes take your breath away. Adventure awaits you at every angle!

Goat Farm Tour

Goat Farm Tour - Things to do in Lofoten

If you’re looking for authentic experiences to add to your Lofoten itinerary, a goat farm tour is one of them. As part of the cruise in Lofoten, you can take a tour of a goat farm located in Lødignen community. The tour is a cultural experience, where you will learn about the lifestyle of the locals. You’ll have an opportunity to visit a small museum featuring a variety of cultural artefacts from several generations on the farm. The goat farm is a hidden gem and is really off-the-beaten-path. Watch over 300 goats come home after grazing in the mountain and if you like, you can even milk a goat. The farm is a unique experience and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Golfing under Midnight Sun

Things to do in Lofoten - Golfing under the Midnight sun Photo Source: Visitbodo.com

The beauty of the Lofoten Islands during the winter season can be attributed to the origin of the Northern Lights. However, a more intriguing phenomenon during the summer season is the visibility of sun in the midnight. It hangs around for 24 hours a day in the sky. The Lofoten Links Golf Course has embraced the natural phenomenon offering golfing under the Midnight Sun. Lofoten Links keeps the golf course open all through the nights and days for the months of May to July. If you happen to visit Lofoten during the said months, this is surely an experience that you should not miss.

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Chasing Northern Lights

Northern Lights - visit Tromso

Lofoten’s renowned Northern Lights viewing attracts people from all over the world during its season. Northern Light is a magnificent natural phenomenon, which displays an extraordinary dance of green, pink, yellow, and blue lights glowing directly above in the Arctic. Lofoten Islands are some of the best places to chase Northern Lights in Norway. It is one of the most beautiful sights to see with its swirls of colours glistening across the sky at night. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this magical natural display in Lofoten.

Prepare Cod Liver Oil

Many may not consider preparing Cod Liver Oil adventurous, but it is when combined with sea fishing and fishing boat trips. Norway is renowned for the production of Cod Liver Oil and you’ll find a factory producing the oil in Lofoten. You may choose visit a nearby cod liver oil factory in Lofoten unless the fishy aroma of the surrounding can potentially sicken your guts. Cod Liver Oil is known to be high in Omega-3 contents along with Vitamin D and A. You can make Cod Liver Oil and sample it with the finest Caviars or some crackers and crème fresh. The old cod-liver oil factory in Å is an amazing place to visit and learn about its health effects.

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Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking takes your water adventures to another level! Paddle a kayak through the Norwegian Sea to get up close and personal with Lofoten’s exclusive marine wildlife. If you are lucky you will meet interesting wildlife along the way as you slice through the waves such as the majestic sea eagles, whales and the sea birds. Indulge in a cruise adventure and kayak experience in Skrova Island, Lofoten’s little Hawaii.

Horseback Riding

Explore the ancient Viking settlement on horseback and discover the magnificent serenity and beauty Lofoten Islands have to offer. You can choose to saddle up by day or under the midnight sun at night and gallop through the beautiful beaches of Lofoten. Horseback riding is an enchanting adventure you wouldn’t want to miss during your visit to Lofoten Islands.

Guided Hiking

Hiking in Lofoten’s little Hawaii

Hiking in Lofoten Islands is an amazing way to connect with its spectacular landscapes including mountains. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, you can go hiking in Lofoten on your own or in a group with a guide with a lot of experience. Hiking is one of the great ways to see the uniqueness of the Norwegian wilderness and have a chance to see a variety of wildlife species.

In conclusion, visiting Lofoten may leave you in an absolute euphoric state. This is one place that offers you a wide range of things to do, each of which will surprise you pleasantly. Check out our popular winter and summer packages for an unforgettable Norwegian holiday.

30 Apr

Top Reasons to Visit Lofoten Islands Now

For decades, Lofoten Islands have been top destinations to visit, and it’s easy to see why. The most popular islands include Austvågøy, Flakstadøy, Vestvågøy, Værøy, Moskenesøy and Røst and they are mostly connected by a chain of bridges.

Featuring spectacular landscapes and natural wonders, vibrant culture and adventurous activities, Lofoten is nothing short of magical. Its wide range of attractions such as beaches, islands, national parks, and small villages, as well as the midnight sun and northern lights, play a major role in its charm. The islands have really come of age as many tourists and locals have realized its beauty and its various offerings.

Thus, if you’re looking for a Norwegian escape during your next holiday, set your sights on Lofoten Islands, Norway. Here are some solid reasons why Lofoten Islands should be your next holiday destination.

Magical Landscapes

There’s really something magical about the landscapes of Lofoten Islands. Their picture-perfect beauty and the dramatic contrasts add more charm to its magnificence. With spectacular mountains to climb, seas to kayak and fjords to coo over and killer whales to watch, Lofoten Islands is an ultimate destination. The unspoiled and natural beauty of the destination is overwhelming and its alluring charm will make you fall in love with it in no time.

Spectacular Sunrise and Sunset Scenes

The majestic mountainous landscapes make the sunrise and sunset scenes in Lofoten Islands truly spectacular. The golden hour in Lofoten can be best enjoyed from the top of a mountain or hill. From the plains, it goes down pretty quickly. During the summer solstice, Lofoten Islands get about 24 hours of sunlight, this is a natural phenomenon called Midnight Sun. Lofoten is a ‘land of the Midnight Sun’ with beautiful sights and experiences; you wouldn’t want to miss the experience. Even the winter solstice is amazingly beautiful as you watch the sun sneak across the horizon.

Traditional Fishing Villages

Traditional FIshing Villages Lofoten Islands Photo Source: Andrewswalks.co.uk

Lofoten Islands are full of traditional fishing villages, which are popular spots for fishermen. The scenic villages feature small clusters of vivid fishing cottages, which are dispersed against the impressive landscapes of the fjords. The two most charming fishing villages in Lofoten are Hamnoy and Reine. They are one of the most unique features of the islands. During summer, tourists visit the fishing cottages to fish and experience the midnight sun. However, the locals living on the islands indulge in fishing mostly all through the year. The fishing cottages are mostly painted in red and yellow colours and are spread across the coast of the islands.

Ideal Hiking Destination

Hiking in Lofoten’s little Hawaii

Lofoten in Norway is considered the ideal place for a hiker of any level in the world. Nearly everywhere on the islands is close to a trail. Most of the trails have far-reaching views of the sea and mountain spires and they range from beach walks to steep challenging treks. Some trails look sharp and aggressive from a distance but when you go near to them they don’t appear as intimidating as they seem. They are safe to climb even for the first time hikers. Lofoten has an unpredictable weather, thus it’s a good idea to study the weather forecast before embarking on any hiking trip. Make sure you wear warm clothes, good hiking shoes and have your maps with marked trails with you. If you need a guide, WildSeas Adventure has got you covered.

Picturesque Beaches

Lofoten Islands Beaches Photo Source: Ram Yoga on Flickr

With beautiful coastlines, it’s only natural that Lofoten Islands would be filled with glorious beaches. Featuring white sands and turquoise blue waters, the beaches are some of the best places to relax and unwind during your visit to Norway. With about 24 hours of daylight during summer as well as the warm weather, you will have enough time to spend on the beautiful beaches of the islands and its sandy shores while enjoying the spectacular views of the fjords. The beaches of Lofoten Islands are great places to go camping with friends, whale watching or even indulge in some fishing. Haukland, Unstad, Uttakleiv and Storsandnes are some of the most popular beaches in Lofoten and they are filled with tourists during summer holiday.

Boat Trip through Fjords

Some of you may not be aware of Fjords. They are lengthy narrow inlets of water which are surrounded by high cliffs on both sides. There are beautiful sights you can’t but see and experience during your visit to Norway. The waters around Lofoten Islands provide an unforgettable experience, which includes seeing the breathtaking power of an inlet fjord or spotting birds and marine mammals including whales. Boat trips are the best ways to see the charming beauty of the fjords in Lofoten Islands. You can marvel at the sight of whales playing and dancing in the sea – this is one of the signature Lofoten sights to experience.

Adventurous Activities


Lofoten is an ultimate destination for quintessential Norwegian adventures. The islands offer many things to see and do; in fact, you could spend the rest of your life on a holiday here. With a wide range of adventurous activities, you may never have the same experience twice. Get immersed in the natural wonders and pristine environs while experiencing the unique adventures they offer. Lofoten adventure activities include kayaking, beach glamping, hiking, wildlife viewing, island cruise, and many more. Lofoten Islands will take you beyond the ordinary and offer you exceptional moments you’ll always cherish for the rest of your life.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights - visit Tromso

Lofoten Islands are some of the best places to chase the northern lights in Norway. This mystical event is a must-not-miss during your holiday on the islands. Get a chance to see the spiralling pattern of Northern lights, as the green, blue and red lights dance across the skyline, with its wavering reflecting in the sea of the islands. The scene always looks magical, beyond anyone’s imagination. You can visit during the winter or summer season to experience this natural phenomenon.

Rich culture

Viking Museum, Lofoten Islands

The culture and traditions in Lofoten islands will surprise you more than anything. The islands have a vibrant culture and they feature several museums and art galleries where you can learn about their connection to the Viking age and discover the rich fishing heritage. You can also learn about the origins of settlements in Lofoten by visiting the Viking museum.

Charming Towns and Villages

Lofoten Islands villages and towns

Despite the rugged nature of islands, the charming towns and villages in Lofoten make it amazingly beautiful. They are gorgeous and unique, and they will make you feel right at home the moment you arrive. The towns and villages keep their appeal all through the year despite the weather. You just need to adjust to the unrestrained climate.

Friendly Locals

Lofoten islands belong to people who love adventure. People living in Lofoten islands are as lovely as the place itself. They call it home. You will love to spend time with them. Although most of the small towns and villages can be quiet, the locals are welcoming and friendly. They are well-known for their hospitality.

If you’ve never been, you should consider spending your next holiday in Lofoten Islands. Looking to take your adventure to a new level? We’ve got a wide range of  activities you can indulge in. You can check out our summer activities for your next adventure in Lofoten.

Have you been to Lofoten Islands, we would love to hear about your experiences. You can share them with us in the comment below or via Twitter and Facebook.

26 Apr

Reasons Everyone Should Visit Tromso Once in Their Life

Tromsø looks spectacular from every corner, with its breathtaking natural landscape, vibrant history and culture, stunning wildlife, and beautiful architecture. The city offers a pulsating nightlife, shopping opportunities and a wide range of restaurants and bars. Regarded as the ‘gateway to the Arctic”, Tromsø has many fascinating attractions that will surprise you. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing places to visit during your trip. No wonder the scenic city attracts thousands of tourists every year. Let’s take a look at some top reasons to visit Tromso once in your lifetime:

Magical Northern Lights

Northern Lights - visit Tromso

The “Northern Lights” is one of the most mesmerizing sights of nature which can only be seen in northern locations. Also known as Aurora Borealis, northern lights are solar particles blown into the magnetic field of the earth; you’ll see them in green bands on lights, which evolve into whirling waves to create greenish-yellow, blue and even red curtains of colors in the sky. Tromsø is one of the best places to witness this incredible phenomenon in Norway. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience it!

Fun facts: If you drink lots of water before going to bed, you’ll have a better chance of seeing the northern lights.

Perfect Arctic Experience

Dog sledding - visit Tromso

You’ll find Tromsø’s climate surprisingly pleasant. The city is situated north of the Arctic Circle, and its beautiful climate is congenially moderated by the Gulf Stream. The Norwegian summer is heavenly; you can expect long days, midnight sun and beautiful summer nights. It’s a perfect tome to indulge in a wide range of activities such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking. Even the winter season is amazing, forget all the myths you have heard. There’s a large variation of snowfall in Tromsø and the skies are set alight by the northern lights. Although the winter days are short, you will enjoy the long winter nights, which are perfect for activities like skiing and dog sledding. It offers a great view of the arctic life along with soft chilly weather due to its location by the coast. Tromsø is a scenic destination to visit at any time of the year.

Experience the Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun - Visit Tromso  Photo Source: Wexas.com

Does your country have midnight sun like Norway? Our country receives more sunlight in summer than many parts of the world. Visitors love to experience the Midnight Sun in Tromsø. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and can only be witnessed from May 20 to July 20. The bright summer nights delivers light around the clock making the destination mystical for various activities like a romantic walk and midnight cruise. You can wake up in the middle of the night and you will see the sun shining brightly, locals out chilling and hanging out with friends, or partying all night long. The city features a wide range of interesting events during this period as the people are thrilled by the endless sunshine.

Food culture

platter of shellfish - visit tromso Photo Source: Destinationsperfected.com

Every destination has its own culinary specialty and Tromsø is not different. The city features a wide variety of restaurants and bars, offering a mix of traditional and international delicacies. These restaurants add flavours and folklore in every single bite, and most visitors have an untold appreciation for the local food culture. If you love seafood, Tromsø never tends to disappoint. You’ll find several seafood restaurants in town, where you can enjoy a platter of shellfish, pan-fried fish, or king crab – one of the most delicious seafood specialities in the city – prepared with fresh produce of the Arctic.

Nature and Wildlife Spectacle


Meet the white-tailed sea eagle

Wildlife is abundant in Tromsø and its surrounding areas due to its relatively pristine environmental conditions. The city features a wide range of national parks, which serves as a sanctuary for wildlife both on land and in the sea; thus, providing visitors with up-close experiences with the wildlife species. Similarly, these areas offer amazing opportunities to conduct research on the wildlife and their natural environment. You can witness sea eagles, seals, reindeers, wolves, bears, lynx, huskies and whales in their natural environs.

Interesting Festivals

Tromsø International Film Festival - Visit Tromso

Tromsø International Film Festival 2011 | ©Photo: Ingun A. Maehlum/TIFF

A large number of festivals are hosted in Tromsø every year. Northern Lights music festival is one of the most cherished festivals offering a wide range of events several years. There are many other festivals to attend during your visit including SMAK Food Festival, Bukta-Tromsø Open Air Festival, Tromsø Jazz Festival and Tromsø International Film Festival.

Exciting Activities

There’s no shortage of activities to indulge in and enjoy in Tromsø any time of the year. Experience the best excursions to explore the Norwegian wilderness, mountains, pristine coastal waters, and fjords – whether you’re skiing, cruising or even fishing. Tromsø activities will get you deep into nature and make you explore places that you can’t even get to on your own. The activities to enjoy include aurora glamping, whale watching, northern lights dinner cruises, northern lights bus chases, fjord and wildlife cruises, midnight sun cruises (summer only), dog sledding, reindeer sledding and meet the Sami people, Senja, Sommarøy.

Beautiful Accommodation Options

Photo Source: Clarion Hotel The Edge

Tromsø offers an extensive range of accommodation options suitable for every individual’s budget and preferences. Stay in an apartment or rent a room in a first-class hotel, you can also choose to stay in any of the campsites in scenic locations, the cosy and comfortable sea cabins or the fishermen’s cabins. Furthermore, you can also rent a holiday home or stay in a lodge if you are interested in sports activities. You’ll definitely sleep well at night and have a swell time during the day.

Shopping Opportunities

Tromsø is an ideal place for every shopaholic. It has numerous shops that offer a great shopping experience from niche to delicatessens. There are also several shopping centres such as AmfiPyramiden, JektaStorsenter, Nerstranda and more. You also have the opportunity to sit in cosy cafés and coffee bars while you enjoy the scenes in your surroundings.

Something for Everyone

The splendour of Tromsø surprises everyone! Whether you are a business or leisure traveller, the city has something for everyone. With its wide range of stunning attractions and outdoor adventure to experience, you’ll almost find it hard to leave when it’s time to go back home.

So, have you seen why you should visit Tromso?

We really hope you get a chance to discover the city and witness its beauty while indulging in a variety of arctic adventures. Check out our popular winter and summer packages for an unforgettable Norwegian holiday.