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Why You Should Visit Lofoten Islands in Summer 2019


Even though Lofoten is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year, some of the activities are season-related. During the summer it’s always magical and blissful. With fantastic hikes, unique mountain views, and stunning pristine beaches, Lofoten in summer is a great place for a Norwegian holiday, where you can unleash the wanderer in you. You’ll be amazed by its dramatic mountain peaks, lush meadows, serene seaside panoramas and a wide range of wildlife species. With so much natural beauty around you, it’s almost impossible not to have an amazing time in Lofoten Islands in Summer.

Let’s take a look at reasons why you should visit Lofoten Islands in Summer this year:

Kayak between the islands

kayaking things to do in Lofoten

The Lofoten Archipelago consists of several islands with shallow waters between them, which are perfect for kayaking. Go on a kayaking trip and paddle the waters of Lofoten, and get access to its unique natural attractions including the trollfjords. You’ll also have an opportunity to get a close look at a variety of wildlife species.

Beautiful mountain views

Lofoten has breathtaking scenery, thanks to its scenic mountains and stunning fjords. Even if you are not hiking the mountains, just look at them can be life-changing. No matter where you turn, you are going to find mountains studded with greenery. The warmth that emanates from the scene is immense.

Stunning Sunrise

The sun rises in the Lofoten Islands pretty early. We are sure you can give up some sleep to witness the dreamlike scene as the orange-colored sun slowly rises over the island.

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Midnight Sun

Having mentioned that summer is the best time to visit the islands of Lofoten, you would have the opportunity to witness the midnight sun. You can wake up in the middle of the night and you’ll find the sun shining brilliantly.

Glamping on the beach

Experience the outdoors in comfort and style!

The white beaches of the Lofoten Islands are something worth camping on. Plus, the group of islands has this interesting concept of “every man’s right” that allows you to camp freely. However, you must seek permission and once you leave – make sure you leave no traces behind. One of the most beautiful places to go camping is Skrova Island, which is dubbed “Lofoten’s Little Hawaii”. You can spend the night in one of the cozy glamping tents, which are Lavvu tepees on a pristine beach and experience the outdoors in comfort and style. If you’re interested, you can book a 3-day Beach Glamping adventure or a 2-day Beach Glamping Adventure in Skrova Island now.

Fjord & Wildlife Cruise

Island Cruise, things to do in Lofoten

Lofoten is home to numerous and huge Fjords as well as stunning coastal landscapes. If you would like to see the fjords, you can take a sightseeing cruise to explore the rich landscapes of Lofoten, and discover beautiful wildlife species along the way.

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Hiking in Lofoten’s little Hawaii

The hiking trails in Lofoten are so gorgeous that you can wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. If you do, know you are missing on some pretty spectacular scenery. There are hikes in Skrova Island for every level of hiker, from the beginner to the professional hiker. You can combine your hikes with a beach glamping trip or a Trollfjord and wildlife safari.



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Lofoten is a beautiful place to experience the thrill of fishing, and you could indulge in it as well if it interests you. Get ready for a big catch! You’ll also gain an appreciation for fresh seafood after you indulge in Lofoten fishing.

Delicious Cuisine

As mentioned above, the locals in Lofoten are dependent on fishing – you are going to find a variety of seafood on the islands. They are fresh and so mouthwatering – you are definitely going to love the varieties.

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Apart from beautiful natural attractions, the Lofoten Islands offer sightseeing opportunities. The islands are so deeply entrenched in nature that you are going to enjoy spending time here. Even if you don’t take special time out for sightseeing, you would still experience a fair share of it. You can go biking, it is a great way to discover the islands and can be quite an adventure. You could also go on a photo tour; Lofoten is a beautiful place, you’re definitely going to take enough photos for your #picturegoals.

Horse riding

Lofoten is a great place for a horseback riding adventure. With its diverse landscapes and chalk-white beaches, you’ll find a variety of options if you decide to go horse riding in Lofoten.


surfing in Lofoten

The long sand beaches of Lofoten are perfect for surfing during summer. Great for both beginners and experienced surfers, the beaches offers beautiful waves with a chance to perfect your surf poses and bearings.

Lofotr Viking Museum

Journey through time and discover how the Vikings lived in Lofoten a thousand years back at Lofotr Viking Museum. Indulge in a wide range of viking activities during your visit such as firing a bow and arrow, rowing a viking ship, eat viking food and watch the blacksmith in his forge.


Things to do in Lofoten - Golfing under the Midnight sun

Golfing in Lofoten is the icing on the cake! Visit Lofoten Links Golf Course, one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world for a unique golf and nature experience on the island. Imagine playing golf on a stunning landscape – just some minutes away from the beach, with the midnight sun as a backdrop? This is an unforgettable experience you will not forget in a hurry!


 Photo Source: cruisingworld.com

With a beautiful weather and sea, Lofoten Islands attract many sailors every year. The beauty of sailing around the extensive coastline of the islands is that you will experience a wide range of landscapes and several places to stop off. If you want to spend your sailing holiday in the Norway, Lofoten is an excellent choice. You’ll find amazing yacht support in the ports in the summer period. You could also go sailing on a “Nordlandsbåt” – a traditional Norwegian wooden boat, it’s such an amazing experience.

Yoga on the beach

Take some time to experience beach yoga in Lofoten while you’re on summer vacation. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, the beaches in Lofoten offers you an opportunity to exercise and practice while breathing in clean, healthy air.

If you’ve never been, you should consider spending your next holiday in Lofoten Islands. If you’re also looking to take your adventure to a new level? We’ve got a wide range of  activities you can indulge in. You can check out our summer activities for your next adventure in Lofoten.

Have you been to Lofoten Islands? We would love to hear about your experiences. You can share them with us in the comment below or via Twitter and Facebook.


09 Dec

Whale Watching in Skjervøy: What To Expect

Located in the heart of Northern Troms, the island of Skjervøy boasts scenic fjords, alpine mountains and a beautiful island setting. It’s a great place to experience a whale watching adventure during the winter season. For those looking for a way to work up some excitement or indulge in some exciting adventure in winter, whale watching in Skjervøy is definitely a great idea.

Whales in beautiful Skjervøy

It’s hard to imagine that anyone will go whale watching and not be thrilled by the experience, especially for the first time. It’s not something most people see very often and it’s definitely one of the things many people, from all over the world, look forward to every winter in Norway.

Why whale watching in Skjervøy is a must-do


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Winter is the best time of the year to go whale watching in Skjervøy from late October to the end of January. Every winter near the coast of Tromsø, the gateway to the arctic, a great number of orcas and humpback whales gather to feast on rich feeding grounds.

Our unique Whale Research Safari combines one of the most incredible displays nature has to offer with a captivating research experience.  We see whales on every trip and usually in great numbers, always a memorable experience.

Although, wildlife viewing is never guaranteed, our success has been 100% since the start of the season. We have not had one day without whales since late October.

What you’ll see during Whale Watching


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Of course, you’ve heard about whales before and you’ve seen their pictures, but have you seen them in real life? Seeing the whales is by far the most anticipated moment of a whale watching in Skjervøy.

According to history, tourists who visit Skjervøy for this adventure always catch a glimpse of the killer whales (orcas), humpback whales and if we are lucky, fin whales.  We can see from 10 to over 100 orcas in a day, a few humpback whales to well over 50 animals. It all depends how lucky we are! Some days, we see a mixture of humpbacks and orcas that are well over 100 animals and other days can be slower.

However, we do have an incredible amount of whales making Skjervøy one of the best whale watching grounds in the world. Aside from the whales, you’ll also spot some wildlife species including sea eagles, which are normally found along the coast of Norway.

Whales’ behaviours


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Whales exhibit a number of behaviours; some of which are entertaining, and some of which are not. Here are some of them:

Blows: From time to time, whales blow water vapour, mucus, and air as they come up to the surface to breathe. To them, this is a voluntary action that they plan ahead of time and execute when they resurface on water. It’s kind of cool to watch!

Breaching: This is by far the most exciting whale behaviour, and the humpbacks are very notorious for this. They jump all the way out of the water, into the air in a curved path, and then dive right back in. According to studies, it is believed that whales breach because they wish to communicate in order to attract other whales (probably the female ones) or to warn off other whales.

Spy-hopping: This is yet another exciting whale behaviour that tourists love so much. To spy-hop, the whales will usually lift their head and part of their chest vertically above water level. As if to say they’re just chilling and looking around. So, while the tourists are gawking at them, they also gawk back. It’s a win-win.

Tail and fin slapping: This is also known as lobtailing. The whales, from time to time, will raise their tail flukes high above the water and then slap them back, loud and hard into the water. This is one of their ways of communicating, scaring fishes away, or showing aggression.

Curious and friendly: Whales are generally friendly and curious. They are not typically dangerous, and they can be seen at local aquariums and marine parks performing shows. You may want to adhere to whatever instructions given to you with regard to whale watching, but there is no need for you to be scared of them.

Whale watching in Skjervøy is awesome, fun and exciting! If you’re looking to go whale watching for killer whales (orcas) or humpbacks, our whale research safari and Lyngen Alps bus tour is your best choice. Hurry and Book now!

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Top Reasons to Visit Lofoten Islands Now

For decades, Lofoten Islands have been top destinations to visit, and it’s easy to see why. The most popular islands include Austvågøy, Flakstadøy, Vestvågøy, Værøy, Moskenesøy and Røst and they are mostly connected by a chain of bridges.

Featuring spectacular landscapes and natural wonders, vibrant culture and adventurous activities, Lofoten is nothing short of magical. Its wide range of attractions such as beaches, islands, national parks, and small villages, as well as the midnight sun and northern lights, play a major role in its charm. The islands have really come of age as many tourists and locals have realized its beauty and its various offerings.

Thus, if you’re looking for a Norwegian escape during your next holiday, set your sights on Lofoten Islands, Norway. Here are some solid reasons why Lofoten Islands should be your next holiday destination.

Magical Landscapes

There’s really something magical about the landscapes of Lofoten Islands. Their picture-perfect beauty and the dramatic contrasts add more charm to its magnificence. With spectacular mountains to climb, seas to kayak and fjords to coo over and killer whales to watch, Lofoten Islands is an ultimate destination. The unspoiled and natural beauty of the destination is overwhelming and its alluring charm will make you fall in love with it in no time.

Spectacular Sunrise and Sunset Scenes

The majestic mountainous landscapes make the sunrise and sunset scenes in Lofoten Islands truly spectacular. The golden hour in Lofoten can be best enjoyed from the top of a mountain or hill. From the plains, it goes down pretty quickly. During the summer solstice, Lofoten Islands get about 24 hours of sunlight, this is a natural phenomenon called Midnight Sun. Lofoten is a ‘land of the Midnight Sun’ with beautiful sights and experiences; you wouldn’t want to miss the experience. Even the winter solstice is amazingly beautiful as you watch the sun sneak across the horizon.

Traditional Fishing Villages

Traditional FIshing Villages Lofoten Islands Photo Source: Andrewswalks.co.uk

Lofoten Islands are full of traditional fishing villages, which are popular spots for fishermen. The scenic villages feature small clusters of vivid fishing cottages, which are dispersed against the impressive landscapes of the fjords. The two most charming fishing villages in Lofoten are Hamnoy and Reine. They are one of the most unique features of the islands. During summer, tourists visit the fishing cottages to fish and experience the midnight sun. However, the locals living on the islands indulge in fishing mostly all through the year. The fishing cottages are mostly painted in red and yellow colours and are spread across the coast of the islands.

Ideal Hiking Destination

Hiking in Lofoten’s little Hawaii

Lofoten in Norway is considered the ideal place for a hiker of any level in the world. Nearly everywhere on the islands is close to a trail. Most of the trails have far-reaching views of the sea and mountain spires and they range from beach walks to steep challenging treks. Some trails look sharp and aggressive from a distance but when you go near to them they don’t appear as intimidating as they seem. They are safe to climb even for the first time hikers. Lofoten has an unpredictable weather, thus it’s a good idea to study the weather forecast before embarking on any hiking trip. Make sure you wear warm clothes, good hiking shoes and have your maps with marked trails with you. If you need a guide, WildSeas Adventure has got you covered.

Picturesque Beaches

Lofoten Islands Beaches Photo Source: Ram Yoga on Flickr

With beautiful coastlines, it’s only natural that Lofoten Islands would be filled with glorious beaches. Featuring white sands and turquoise blue waters, the beaches are some of the best places to relax and unwind during your visit to Norway. With about 24 hours of daylight during summer as well as the warm weather, you will have enough time to spend on the beautiful beaches of the islands and its sandy shores while enjoying the spectacular views of the fjords. The beaches of Lofoten Islands are great places to go camping with friends, whale watching or even indulge in some fishing. Haukland, Unstad, Uttakleiv and Storsandnes are some of the most popular beaches in Lofoten and they are filled with tourists during summer holiday.

Boat Trip through Fjords

Some of you may not be aware of Fjords. They are lengthy narrow inlets of water which are surrounded by high cliffs on both sides. There are beautiful sights you can’t but see and experience during your visit to Norway. The waters around Lofoten Islands provide an unforgettable experience, which includes seeing the breathtaking power of an inlet fjord or spotting birds and marine mammals including whales. Boat trips are the best ways to see the charming beauty of the fjords in Lofoten Islands. You can marvel at the sight of whales playing and dancing in the sea – this is one of the signature Lofoten sights to experience.

Adventurous Activities


Lofoten is an ultimate destination for quintessential Norwegian adventures. The islands offer many things to see and do; in fact, you could spend the rest of your life on a holiday here. With a wide range of adventurous activities, you may never have the same experience twice. Get immersed in the natural wonders and pristine environs while experiencing the unique adventures they offer. Lofoten adventure activities include kayaking, beach glamping, hiking, wildlife viewing, island cruise, and many more. Lofoten Islands will take you beyond the ordinary and offer you exceptional moments you’ll always cherish for the rest of your life.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights - visit Tromso

Lofoten Islands are some of the best places to chase the northern lights in Norway. This mystical event is a must-not-miss during your holiday on the islands. Get a chance to see the spiralling pattern of Northern lights, as the green, blue and red lights dance across the skyline, with its wavering reflecting in the sea of the islands. The scene always looks magical, beyond anyone’s imagination. You can visit during the winter or summer season to experience this natural phenomenon.

Rich culture

Viking Museum, Lofoten Islands

The culture and traditions in Lofoten islands will surprise you more than anything. The islands have a vibrant culture and they feature several museums and art galleries where you can learn about their connection to the Viking age and discover the rich fishing heritage. You can also learn about the origins of settlements in Lofoten by visiting the Viking museum.

Charming Towns and Villages

Lofoten Islands villages and towns

Despite the rugged nature of islands, the charming towns and villages in Lofoten make it amazingly beautiful. They are gorgeous and unique, and they will make you feel right at home the moment you arrive. The towns and villages keep their appeal all through the year despite the weather. You just need to adjust to the unrestrained climate.

Friendly Locals

Lofoten islands belong to people who love adventure. People living in Lofoten islands are as lovely as the place itself. They call it home. You will love to spend time with them. Although most of the small towns and villages can be quiet, the locals are welcoming and friendly. They are well-known for their hospitality.

If you’ve never been, you should consider spending your next holiday in Lofoten Islands. Looking to take your adventure to a new level? We’ve got a wide range of  activities you can indulge in. You can check out our summer activities for your next adventure in Lofoten.

Have you been to Lofoten Islands, we would love to hear about your experiences. You can share them with us in the comment below or via Twitter and Facebook.

26 Apr

Reasons Everyone Should Visit Tromso Once in Their Life

Tromsø looks spectacular from every corner, with its breathtaking natural landscape, vibrant history and culture, stunning wildlife, and beautiful architecture. The city offers a pulsating nightlife, shopping opportunities and a wide range of restaurants and bars. Regarded as the ‘gateway to the Arctic”, Tromsø has many fascinating attractions that will surprise you. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing places to visit during your trip. No wonder the scenic city attracts thousands of tourists every year. Let’s take a look at some top reasons to visit Tromso once in your lifetime:

Magical Northern Lights

Northern Lights - visit Tromso

The “Northern Lights” is one of the most mesmerizing sights of nature which can only be seen in northern locations. Also known as Aurora Borealis, northern lights are solar particles blown into the magnetic field of the earth; you’ll see them in green bands on lights, which evolve into whirling waves to create greenish-yellow, blue and even red curtains of colors in the sky. Tromsø is one of the best places to witness this incredible phenomenon in Norway. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience it!

Fun facts: If you drink lots of water before going to bed, you’ll have a better chance of seeing the northern lights.

Perfect Arctic Experience

Dog sledding - visit Tromso

You’ll find Tromsø’s climate surprisingly pleasant. The city is situated north of the Arctic Circle, and its beautiful climate is congenially moderated by the Gulf Stream. The Norwegian summer is heavenly; you can expect long days, midnight sun and beautiful summer nights. It’s a perfect tome to indulge in a wide range of activities such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking. Even the winter season is amazing, forget all the myths you have heard. There’s a large variation of snowfall in Tromsø and the skies are set alight by the northern lights. Although the winter days are short, you will enjoy the long winter nights, which are perfect for activities like skiing and dog sledding. It offers a great view of the arctic life along with soft chilly weather due to its location by the coast. Tromsø is a scenic destination to visit at any time of the year.

Experience the Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun - Visit Tromso  Photo Source: Wexas.com

Does your country have midnight sun like Norway? Our country receives more sunlight in summer than many parts of the world. Visitors love to experience the Midnight Sun in Tromsø. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and can only be witnessed from May 20 to July 20. The bright summer nights delivers light around the clock making the destination mystical for various activities like a romantic walk and midnight cruise. You can wake up in the middle of the night and you will see the sun shining brightly, locals out chilling and hanging out with friends, or partying all night long. The city features a wide range of interesting events during this period as the people are thrilled by the endless sunshine.

Food culture

platter of shellfish - visit tromso Photo Source: Destinationsperfected.com

Every destination has its own culinary specialty and Tromsø is not different. The city features a wide variety of restaurants and bars, offering a mix of traditional and international delicacies. These restaurants add flavours and folklore in every single bite, and most visitors have an untold appreciation for the local food culture. If you love seafood, Tromsø never tends to disappoint. You’ll find several seafood restaurants in town, where you can enjoy a platter of shellfish, pan-fried fish, or king crab – one of the most delicious seafood specialities in the city – prepared with fresh produce of the Arctic.

Nature and Wildlife Spectacle


Meet the white-tailed sea eagle

Wildlife is abundant in Tromsø and its surrounding areas due to its relatively pristine environmental conditions. The city features a wide range of national parks, which serves as a sanctuary for wildlife both on land and in the sea; thus, providing visitors with up-close experiences with the wildlife species. Similarly, these areas offer amazing opportunities to conduct research on the wildlife and their natural environment. You can witness sea eagles, seals, reindeers, wolves, bears, lynx, huskies and whales in their natural environs.

Interesting Festivals

Tromsø International Film Festival - Visit Tromso

Tromsø International Film Festival 2011 | ©Photo: Ingun A. Maehlum/TIFF

A large number of festivals are hosted in Tromsø every year. Northern Lights music festival is one of the most cherished festivals offering a wide range of events several years. There are many other festivals to attend during your visit including SMAK Food Festival, Bukta-Tromsø Open Air Festival, Tromsø Jazz Festival and Tromsø International Film Festival.

Exciting Activities

There’s no shortage of activities to indulge in and enjoy in Tromsø any time of the year. Experience the best excursions to explore the Norwegian wilderness, mountains, pristine coastal waters, and fjords – whether you’re skiing, cruising or even fishing. Tromsø activities will get you deep into nature and make you explore places that you can’t even get to on your own. The activities to enjoy include aurora glamping, whale watching, northern lights dinner cruises, northern lights bus chases, fjord and wildlife cruises, midnight sun cruises (summer only), dog sledding, reindeer sledding and meet the Sami people, Senja, Sommarøy.

Beautiful Accommodation Options

Photo Source: Clarion Hotel The Edge

Tromsø offers an extensive range of accommodation options suitable for every individual’s budget and preferences. Stay in an apartment or rent a room in a first-class hotel, you can also choose to stay in any of the campsites in scenic locations, the cosy and comfortable sea cabins or the fishermen’s cabins. Furthermore, you can also rent a holiday home or stay in a lodge if you are interested in sports activities. You’ll definitely sleep well at night and have a swell time during the day.

Shopping Opportunities

Tromsø is an ideal place for every shopaholic. It has numerous shops that offer a great shopping experience from niche to delicatessens. There are also several shopping centres such as AmfiPyramiden, JektaStorsenter, Nerstranda and more. You also have the opportunity to sit in cosy cafés and coffee bars while you enjoy the scenes in your surroundings.

Something for Everyone

The splendour of Tromsø surprises everyone! Whether you are a business or leisure traveller, the city has something for everyone. With its wide range of stunning attractions and outdoor adventure to experience, you’ll almost find it hard to leave when it’s time to go back home.

So, have you seen why you should visit Tromso?

We really hope you get a chance to discover the city and witness its beauty while indulging in a variety of arctic adventures. Check out our popular winter and summer packages for an unforgettable Norwegian holiday.