The History of SS Johanna

Cargo vessel from the 1800’s

This beautiful sloop was built in the late 1800’s and was originally used as a cargo vessel. As she sailed throughout the Norwegian Sea, she played an important role in sustaining communities by distributing goods to coastal towns all over the country. Egil Torhus became the owner of SS Johanna in the 1980’s and used her for shipping goods for over a decade. She was then sold to a charter company who transformed her into the most popular vessel running fjord cruises in Oslo for over 25 years.


Return to the Torhus Family

Today, she returns to the Torhus family as Knut Lasse Torhus (son of Egil Torhus), his cousin Fred Erik Torhus and Stephanie J. Milne are now the proud owners of this beautiful craft.

SS Johanna + Wild Seas

SS Johanna will be used to promote Northern Norway as well as its spectacular nature and wildlife, by offering an array of exiting products:

This vessel has a maximum capacity of 200 passengers, can accommodate 90 people in the dining area and 40 people in the bar lounge (total capacity of 130 passengers inside). She can also accommodate 130 people for outside dining during the summer months.

It is an exceptional experience to be onboard an antique vessel with so much history, and her grace creates a beautiful setting for a memorable trip.

It is possible to charter SS Johanna for meetings, conferences, incentives, weddings and special events. For more information about this product as well as chartering possibilities, please contact our sales team at