The Cetacea Project

The Cetacea Project is a non-profit organization conducting a marine mammal monitoring program designed to survey local whale populations.

Help Us Save the Seas!

Whale conservation is an important part of keeping the ocean environment flourishing. Join our efforts and help us save the seas!

Whale Research Safari Program

Help us collect data needed for whale research and conservation work by encouraging our Whale Research Safari program.

Information Sharing

By sharing our data with the scientific community, we hope to contribute to important research and conservation work in Norway, but also around the world.

Citizen’s Science Program

We hope to involve local communities in our Citizen’s Science program and increase public awareness about threats faced by marine wildlife.

Why Study Whales

Whales help shape and maintain ecosystems

Researchers must investigate the life history and ecology of whales populations to understand their involvement in the web of life. By collecting and sharing research, the project hopes to paint a more complete picture of whales and their role in shaping marine ecosystems.

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Working together to study whales

Whales tend to travel long distances during their migrations. Because of this, it’s often hard to track certain populations. Through collaborating with research institutions across the globe, scientists can better learn about these species.

Ecotourism as a Key to Conservation

Eco-tourism lets people experience nature in a transformative way

By encouraging people to connect with nature, we support local communities while increasing environmental awareness and protection. By involving our guests in our research, we hope they feel more invested in the future health of our planet.

How can you help?

You can help us by partaking in our Whale Research Safari program, by encouraging our Adopt a Whale program, and by making a donation to The Cetacea Project.

Whale Research Safari Program

When you partake in our Whale Research Safari program, you will assist us in collecting data that is vital to our conservation work. These data include:

  • Behavioural observations
  • Photo-identifications
  • Underwater footage
  • Vocal recordings